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Google Drive for Work

Much like technology, a thriving business must be profitable, reliable, and easily accessible to partners and clients. Google Drive for Work is a premium cloud service providing organizations with tools to grow their business from any location and on any device. This cloud offering includes unlimited, secure online file storage and accessibility to all files, folders, and backups from any location.


Powerful and Secure Collaboration — Anywhere, Anytime

Drive for Work allows your company to access files on the go and enables streamlined team collaboration. When paired with the Google Apps for Work Suite of productivity apps, the added layer of comprehensive security controls creates a safe environment for your team to do business, whether you’re in the office or working abroad.

Easily and securely access and automatically sync files from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. These user-friendly sharing controls also allow you to share information instantly with teammates, customers, partners, and with anyone not using Google Drive.


Google Drive for Work provides your business with unlimited storage needed for your company file system, including:

  • Enhanced audit view giving admins the ability to easily see activity like moving, sharing, and deleting files within or outside the company.
  • User-friendly sharing controls and an intuitive admin console. Google Drive for Work is easy to navigate and keeps your business sailing smoothly through the cloud.
  • Unlimited file editing conducive to your company’s file system. Google Drive for Work gives your team the ability to improve on important documents, including Microsoft Office files.
  • Fine-grained control and expanded team activity visibility. Your organizational security increases at every layer including: mobile security, eDiscovery, and suspicious login detection.
  • Heightened collaboration with Google Apps for Work solutions such as Drive, Docs, and Hangouts. You’ll also find the same Google Drive plans and pricing.

Google Drive for Work and worldwide business machines give your organization the solutions to work without limits


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