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Google is known for being the top resource for searching information on the web. Now, bring the relevance, speed and familiarity of Google to your organization with Google Search for Work. Google Search for Work helps employees and customers find what they need, fast. It’s easy to use and manage so you can put your data back to work. Google Search Appliance combines the search expertise of Google Search for Work with features that meet today’s business requirements—all in one box—delivering powerful, relevant results to customers and employers alike. Google Search Appliance gives your users one set of integrated search results, no matter the source, using the unique search quality and relevance of Google Enterprise Search. Google Search Appliance pulls content from a multitude of sources, including file shares, intranets, content management systems, enterprise applications, the web and more.

The amount of information within your organization can be overwhelming and time consuming to search. Google Enterprise Search helps your employees and customers to quickly find the relevant information they need from the most trusted resource. Google Search for Work takes your company beyond the familiar and introduces new, customized features that give your business the competitive edge. The Google Enterprise Search engine will drive your business to a new level of productivity, allowing your organization to be well-informed with high scalability.


Provide your Organization with Fast, Efficient Search Options

  • The Google Search Appliance (GSA) search box crawls and indexes document libraries, databases, file shares and more — securely delivering key information from over 220 file types.
  • Easily integrate the GSA with your intranet, extranet, or website for a seamless user experience.
  • Structure content with entity recognition, allowing you to easily sift through a large amount of results by extracting metadata from within the document’s content.
  • Customize search results for specific keywords and translate any document you open into more than 70 languages.
  • Maximize your enterprise search capabilities with a customized, user-friendly interface based on your organization’s specific search needs.
  • Connect to any data silo with a single search box to find internal or external information, wherever it is stored.
  • Automatically improve search results with cutting edge algorithms and dynamic search tools, allowing you to universally access information across any device.

Maximize Your Enterprise Search Experience with worldwide business machine

A Google for Work Premier Partner, can help you plan, implement and optimize your Google Search for Work solution based on your specific business needs. worldwide business machines provides comprehensive consultative services to integrate powerful and effective resources and workflows your company needs to be more relevant in the digital age. Work with the right Google Search for Work partner to provide your customers and employees with solid, relevant results across devices and platforms to streamline your business.

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