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Technical services

Revitalize your organization by reducing costs, avoiding technology downtime, and streamlining business workflows with Worldwide Business Machines’ IT consultation and technical services. Our expertise in IT, technical services, implementation, and cloud migration provides your organization with innovative technologies to modernize your business.

Now is the time to integrate effective business strategies that will revolutionize your company’s operations, build stronger connections with partners, customers and employees, and produce results that will make a positive and lasting impact in your industry.


Cloud Implementation, Migration and Deployment

For over a decade, Worldwide Business Machines has helped organizations implement, migrate, and optimize the right cloud solution and technical services best fit to establish your goals. Whether you choose to utilize our expertise with Google or Microsoft, our team of experts will provide a solution that is secure, simplifies your IT services and infrastructure, increases team productivity, and steadily grows your business.

Once we identify the right solution for your business, our implementation services kick into gear and we work together to seamlessly migrate your company into the cloud. By choosing Worldwide business machines to guide your company into the digital business world, you gain top of the line IT resources and peace of mind as your business systems are proactively managed around the clock by our world-class IT department.


Our IT Technical Services Include:

  • IT and Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • Discovery, application dependency mapping and server dependency mapping
  • Cloud implementation and migration consultation and planning
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Migration execution, testing, and validation
  • Deployment and support
  • All server types, all applications, workloads and environments.


A Trusted Cloud Deployment Partner

With over 10 million cloud migrations and 1800 IT projects completed, Worldwide Business Machines’s history as an IT solutions and services provider grants us the know-how to determine what technology will suit your organization’s needs in the most cost-effective manner. Our diverse industry experience and technological expertise across multiple platforms enable us to develop new solutions and provide strategic direction and technical advisement. We make it a priority to understand how your organization functions and act as an extension of your own IT team as we expertly migrate innovative cloud solutions that will transform your business and set the bar in your marketplace.

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